A bookmakers list is simply a list of bookmakers that operate within a certain area. Many lists do not discriminate between legal operators and illegal, though they will mention that fact if you look for more details about a specific bookmaker on the list.

Bookmakers are not necessarily based in the locale that they operate in, so if you want to find one that is local you will need to make an effort to narrow your search down, especially if you are looking for bookmakers within the US, UK, and EU in general as tax in these areas can be high (leading many companies to base their operations out of areas with lower tax rates).


Here are some of the advantages you’ll get for going over a UK bookmakers list:

  • 1. Familiarity with the major brand names as well as minor brand names
    Bookmaker lists will include large and small betting companies to give you a broad range of choices.
  • 2. A non-biased list of your options for a bookmaker in the UK
    The authors of these lists generally have nothing to gain by promoting certain bookmakers over others. While some sites operate as affiliates, you can usually tell based on how they write about certain bookmakers as well as how those bookmakers rank on other lists.
  • 3. Top choices based on user popularity and other measurable statistics
    Some lists are ranked based on popularity and other measures that can help you to make the most informed decision possible when you are picking out your UK bookmakers.
  • 4. All the choices in one place
    Instead of having to perform multiple online searches, you can just find the available bookmakers in one place and choose from there.
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